Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Evolution of my Bedroom.

My room is like Madonna. Always evolving, for better or for worse. I wish I had photos of my room before 2000. I don't remember exactly what it looked like but I do know that I was really into purple, tigers, and splatter painting.

I was REALLY into collaging for a while. I cut out thousands of words and images from magazines and stuck them on binders, boxes, furniture, and as you see here...lampshades. Oh, I also had a Precious Moments collection of piggy banks that were my prized possessions at the time.

I can't believe I don't have photos of when my room was plastered in n'sync and Backstreet Boys posters. (Maybe one or two of 98 degrees too. Remember them?!) We would buy those teen mags, and rip out every single page and wallpaper our rooms with them.

Check out that PC! Oh how far technology has come since then. I had SO many photos of friends in middle school and high school. Maybe that will be my next blog posting ;o)

Yes, that's Ricky Martin. I had a calendar that I bought for the pictures. My Chinese uncle introduced me to his music. Vuelve is still a great album. Oh look! That's Justin Timberlake on the bottom right. Sweet.

I started collecting VERSACE ads when I was 11. I loved the simplicity of them. That is, until Donatella took over and the aesthetic changed. Wow, I think that black and white thing is my attempt to put a zebra print on my lampshade. Glad that phase didn't last.

I eventually got into spray paint and glitter. Everything I made for about 1.5 years was mirrored, sparkly, gold, or silver.

When I was 17, I had the idea to make my room some kind of "exotic retreat." Everything in my room that used to be white went purple, burgundy, and gold. I'm still influenced by a multicultural aesthetic.