Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blogging Berlin!

I'd been itching to travel for months, so I finally decided to do something about it. Airfare has been dropping like crazy. I saw $170 round trip to Vegas and $320 to Paris, so I figured I'd just go wherever is cheap. Robin (roomie) came home one day and declared that she and Gayleem were taking an impromptu trip to Berlin, so I decided to join them. $440 RT to Germany?!Sure why not...

Knowing me, of course it's fitting that I begin blogging with an excessive number of glamour shots of the apartment we stayed in. Found it on Craigslist Vacation Rentals! Only 20 Euros/night for each of us. The apartment was like a palace by NYC standards. A palace that smelled like fresh laundry all the time. I am still seething with house envy.

This was the room that I stayed in. We all slept like rocks. I think futons are magical.

An charming little picnic basketesque breakfast nook in the kitchen?! My brain was practically exploding from the adorableness of it all.

Berlin Bike Gang

One of the first things we did was rent bikes and it turned out to be the perfect way to cover such a big city in 4.5 days. This trip reminded me of how much i enjoy biking. Definitely need more of that in my life.

Berlin is the flattest freakin' city that I've ever been in. There are wide bike lanes everywhere, and pedestrians will actually get out of the way if you ring your little bike bell.

Robin got a flat tire but fortunately, we found a little bike shop run by a nice fellow, Ali, and his baby faced assistant, Serkan.

Turkish Night

After we got Robin's bike fixed by our new Turkish friend, we picked up some Turkish food in Turkish town (Kreutzburg), followed by a bar, dancing, another bar, then soup!

Out and About

I'm holding a camera in over half of the pics of me on this trip. I guess taking decent photos is one of my main objectives when I travel these days.

I spent a ton of time doing this: squinting to see the street signs, trying to sound out the 7 syllable names, and poking my pen around the map trying to figure out where we are and where we're going.

The weather was spectacular for the entirety of the trip. 65 degrees, clear skies, gentle breeze.

Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum consisted of 2 main buildings, one older, and one super modern/high concept building.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

fOOd. <---your bulging eyes when you see this stuff

After I bought my ticket to Berlin, for a moment, I was worried that my only good food options would be onions, potatoes and sausage. I was SO wrong. Berliners are pretty much the master of all cuisines. The food was delicious across the board. Not to mention beautifully presented.

One really common dish is this pizza on a giant cracker. Amazing.

The bread was hot from the oven.

Thought I didn't have the pleasure of trying any, I heard their Asian fusion is phenomenal. Every single restaurant looked amazing. There just wasn't enough time!

Spree River Boat Tour

Berlin has a river that flows right through the middle of the city. It's an awesome way to see a lot of notable architecture in a short period of time. The tour guide was great and gave us a lightening speed overview, but I was too busy taking pictures and absorbing vitamin D to retain anything.

Berlin Landscape

Most Berlin streets are reallllly wide. Plenty of space for pedestrians, bikes, vehicles, and most importantly...

outdoor seating. Reason 3,967 that Berlin is awesome: restaurants with outdoor seating give you BLANKETS!!!

Clubbing Dunker, Icon, Tresor

Apparently there are a lot of churches that have been turned into clubs.

This was one of them. We rode up to this club on our silly orange bikes and the doorman was giving us the death stare for about 5 minutes before he let us in. Turns out, the place was full of with stern-faced hippies rocking out and trippin' out to classic rock. We met 2 really wasted German girls who asked us if we were lesbians.

Kunsthaus Tacheles Art Yard

We stumbled upon this place while walking through the old Jewish Quarter.