Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clubbing Dunker, Icon, Tresor

Apparently there are a lot of churches that have been turned into clubs.

This was one of them. We rode up to this club on our silly orange bikes and the doorman was giving us the death stare for about 5 minutes before he let us in. Turns out, the place was full of with stern-faced hippies rocking out and trippin' out to classic rock. We met 2 really wasted German girls who asked us if we were lesbians.

Then we moved onto Icon which was much more our style... underground (literally), young people, and a great DJ. Even though it was an electro club, Gayleem asked them if they would play hip hop or reggae. The only thing the DJ had was a reggae-fied version of Elanor Rigby.

The next night, upon the recommendation of our Danish DJ friend, Alex, we checked out a club called Tresor. I wish I photographed the outside of this place. Imagine a multi-level dance complex inside of Costco.

Probably the only photo ever taken of me holding a beer. It's not even mine.

Doof. Doof. Doof!

German guys.

Cab ride home.

Dining table aftermath.

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