Sunday, June 20, 2010

Coney Island Mermaid Parade.

When I was younger I thought I was too cool to dress up for Halloween. Now that I'm old, I jump at any opportunity to put on a costume. And by "costume" I mean shiny things stuck onto my face. Andrea and I went to the Mermaid Parade to support our friend Peter who was showcasing his snake-worm float.  We squeezed our way to the front and sat on the floor with all the little kids so I was able to get some pretty nice shots. Watching a bunch of half naked hippies prancing around in home-made costumes always reminds me of San Francisco. <3

Q Train, represent!

We called Andrea's look "Poseidon's Mistress" (meets Sailor Moon)

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Parent's Kitchen.

As a part of our massive family home overhaul, my parents completely gutted the kitchen and moved it to another spot in the house. This was the first kitchen I designed, and I wanted it to be perfect because my mom has tolerated our small, sad kitchen for the last 17 years. We knew we wanted something light and timeless, so I began by collecting images of beautiful white kitchens, and sketched out some rough plans on IKEA's software to play with different layouts. I am obsessed space planning, so I considered every possible configuration to ensure that it was as functional and practical as possible. I then took those plans to a kitchen designer at Home Depot and she worked with me for hours to hash out every miniscule detail from cabinet dimensions,to appliance specifications, to drawer pulls and handles.

This is where we planned to build the new kitchen. The door goes into the new garage, and the window looks onto our side yard.

As a last minute decision, we decided against white cabinets because we thought they might be a little too ordinary. The cabinets are Thomasville in a color called Dover. It's a soft, warm, pale gray.

Ezekile and Diego painstakingly installed them with surgical precision.

Drumroll please.........................

Brand new cabinets! Brand new appliances! Brand new everything!