Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Designer's Desk: Karim Rashid

I am so proud of my friends. So many of them are innovative entrepreneurs working on exciting personal and professional products. My good friend, Ashley, is the creator of KNSTRCT, a digital magazine geared up to be a global hub of design and innovation. 

Every couple weeks she's going to feature an article on a designer's desk, giving readers an inside peek at what surrounds and inspires the designers they love. She asked me to photograph the desk of Karim Rashid, a renowned industrial designer who has produced over 3,000 designs ranging from interiors to fashion to art installations. Check out the article and learn more about Karim and his products at KNSTRCT.
 Portrait © LesediSolin 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010.

After months of debating what I should be for Halloween, I finally committed to re-purposing a top that that my former roommate left behind when he moved. I considered being Willy Wonka, or the Mad Hatter, but didn't want to spend too much money buying or making purple pants and blazers. I rummaged through my closet and jewelry collection and realized I could easily pull off a Victorian/Steam Punk/Equestrian Lady. I scoured the fashion district for the ideal embellishments for my fancy hat, and this is what I came up with. 


 Andrea was a fallen angel. Check out the broken wing and glittery angel blood. She made her costume, too.

Sad angel. :(

This photo made me chuckle. She kind of looks like a bride wearing a boa. Kind of looks like a glamorous hobo lady. 

My Costumes over the years.

This one time I was at the mall in Newport Beach on Halloween. There were little kids scurrying from store to store trick-or-treating. I was in a jewelry store when a family came in for some candy. First, the big sis strolled in dressed as lovely Cinderella. Then the older brother stormed in donning some serious superhero gear. Then the baby boy stumbled in dressed as a KETCHUP BOTTLE.

I cannot wait till Halloween! I always have to start preparing early or else I get overwhelmed or lazy and my costumes don't come to fruition. I don't usually dress as anything literal. Personally, I prefer thematic or stylistic costumes because I have the freedom to interpret the theme however I wish. Still, I'm super impressed by people who can pull off dressing as inanimate objects like Facebook or sushi. Or ketchup. What were your favorite costumes? What are you going to be this year?

These photos are only from 2005-2010 because I was probably a witch or cat from the age of 5-18. Boring.

2005 Friday the 13th aka Andrea's birthday

2005 Halloween. I made Andrea's costume, too

2008 New Years Eve Party. Random guy who was dressed like my soulmate of the evening

2009 Halloween

2010 Mermaid Parade
Pics of Halloween 2010 coming soon!