Thursday, February 28, 2008

Channeling my past life at last. One day I shall return to the rainforest.

We began the day with a corny safari ride through the rain forest.

It was DAMN HOT. I think one day we had ice cream/popsicles 4 times.

Took a boat out to the falls. Got completely soaked. Couldn't take pics because I had to protect my camera in a waterproof bag.

The falls were INSANE. If you have not been, you must go at some point in your life.

fyi, I am the Butterfly Whisperer. They love me.

This butterfly was LITERALLY the size of my hand.

Vic is buff. She has arms that rival Madonna's.

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  1. well since i have not made any comments since you have made this blog i shall now start doing so..we'll start with i like that you took nature shots. different side of