Friday, September 18, 2009

AT LAST! Project Runway 6.

After many, many, many months, Project Runway 6 finally aired on its new network, Lifetime. I found it much easier to create the sets in LA, despite the new city, new network, new company, and new school. Props to the AWESOME art crew. Don't forget to tune in on Thursdays at 10pm. :)

The apartments this season were these amazing, historic downtown lofts. The building used to be the headquarters for a Spanish language newspaper, La Opinion. I was so used to working out of the tiny apartments at Atlas, NY, so the size of these units were a nice change.
Andrea and I refueling at our favorite non-mexican mexican chain restaurant, Chipotle. I think here, I was noting how the burrito was as long as her head.

There's something distinctly "LA" about being in the car, blasting the radio, and having the sun roast your left side as it sets.
Awkward photos were kind of a theme this season...
Perhaps I should submit some of these to this website:

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