Monday, January 25, 2010

Models of the Runway 2.

Hi everyone. We're at it again. New season, new building, new look. Have you been watching? The models this season are WACKY. Check it out on the Lifetime website or on Thursdays at 11pm.

Someone called Katherine "Kevin" and the name just kind of stuck. One day there was this guy who overheard us calling for "Kevin" and he saw a girl emerge. He told us that his MOM'S name is Kevin. True story.

Our beloved "frail specimen" was always freezing. She was never without her chic and fashionable curtain-scarf.

These lamps were made of crystal and weighed a zillion lbs. We hauled them back and it was well worth it because they were "mucho sexy."

Tape baby, only 4 weeks old!

Finished at last...

See you next season. Maybe in LA?

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