Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hello, new house.

Not many of you have seen the old house. Unfortunately, we never took decent pictures of it before we tore it down. Thank goodness for Google street view. The old house was kind of an L shape. Now it's more like a big rectangle.

We need landscaping really badly, but besides that, i'm REALLY happy with how it came out.

Houses are built BY HAND! Am I the only one who finds this incredible? So many minute details...

The underside of the porch and the front door are both a dark graphite color. I have always wanted a dark, shiny door so I painted it myself. It took 3 coats of primer, 4 coats of paint, a week to complete, and months to dry.

Swooooon. Super heavy brushed nickel door knocker.

This is the photo my mom sent me to give me an idea of what the house looked like as of September.

I put that photo in Photoshop and designed it digitally by "painting it" and adding my ideal elements. The final product (below) came out looking strikingly similar to my sketch.

Stay tuned for pictures of the brand new kitchen. (8 years in the making!)


  1. That's hilarious that you got a perfect front view of your old house from Google Maps. The house looks amazing!

  2. lordy the place looks AMAZING! i drove by it a few times (not that i'm a stalker) when i was back home and was (and still is!) amazed at the transformation!!! next time i'm back i'll definitely have to knock on the front door and ask for a tour!! miss you :) xx

  3. The transformation is incredible! I, too, am amazed as how something great and huge, like houses, is built only by human hands. I like that the details on the front are minimal. This gives the owner more room for landscaping. Great choice of paint combination!

    Kristopher Washington @Paramount Title Corp.

  4. Amazing job! What paint brand and color did you use for the front door?