Sunday, April 18, 2010

Taiwan with the family.

My mom and I went to visit my grandmother in Taipei, Taiwan. This was my first time in Taiwan as an adult and as a whole, it was a great trip full of family time, foliage, fruit, and fake eyelashes.

Taiwan is much more lush and tropical than I expected. The craziest things will grow there.

This is the National Palace Museum. Apparently they have so many vaults full of treasures that the collections can be switched every 3 months and there won't be any repeats for 70 years.

Tea house at the top of the museum.

These were vegetarian "pork" BBQ buns. Delicious.

I love these trash cans.
The garden next to the National Palace museum is amazing.
Coi the size of small dogs.
The garden had a restroom with the most incredible view.

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