Tuesday, May 25, 2010

IT'S FINALLY HERE! The Big Book of Small Spaces.

It's official. I'm published! (Well, kind of...) The Big Book of Small Spaces by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan FINALLY came out and my room is featured in it!  This is one of my proudest moments to date because the aesthetic of my room really reflects my point of view as a designer. (I feel like that's something Michael or Nina would say on Project Runway.)

The work that I put into the decor and space planning of my room has greatly improved my quality of life. I've always been inspired by innovative design solutions, so even if I wasn't in this book, I would have been first in line to buy it anyway. It should be in bookstores everywhere, so go check it out! 

My kitchen cabinets with a hand crafted decorative treatment done with contact paper.

My tiny but fancy cargo van-sized bedroom.

The book has great reviews and is selling really well. I was invited to the book launch party at Clic Gallery and Bookstore, but unfortunately I was in Montreal at the time, so I couldn't make it. Check out the party pics on Apartment Therapy

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