Friday, January 28, 2011

I Love City Snow.

I was in sunny San Francisco when the first blizzard of the season hit NYC. I love a good snowstorm, so I hoped for another one, and it finally came. It snowed all night, so the first thing I did in the morning was run to my kitchen window to see how many recognizable forms had been transformed into amorphous marshmallows. 

The entire backyard was completely white, and the only movement came from birds fluttering and bouncing comically from flimsy branch to flimsy branch. The sun was doing that crazy thing where it peeks through the clouds and it looks as though Jesus himself is shining a light on Brooklyn. 

With all signs of hazardous weather in the past, I armed myself with  3 cameras (4 if you include my phone) and ventured out into the wintery abyss. I had never seen city snow like this, and I think it made everyone feel like a kid again. Neighbors were chatting and joking while shoveling the sidewalks and stoops. Kids in giant puffy jackets were shoving handfuls of snow into their mouths. And then there were puppies. Oh god, I don't think there's anything I love more than dogs frolicking in the snow. I'm not sure if it's me projecting my joy upon them, but they look SO damn happy. 

I need to stop smiling. My face is starting to hurt. 

The view from my kitchen.

On the roof.

Overheard neighbors chatting.
"After I finish this sidewalk, I have to find a way to dig my car out."
"Oh man that sucks. Which car is yours?"
"Not sure."

I'm so not afraid of you. 

I think it would be fun to make little snow men with fruit faces on your friends' stoops or in really awkward places throughout the city. 
I think I'm becoming a pancake person. 
Fort Greene Park was a wonderland. People of all ages came with their toboggans, trash can lids, cross-country skis, and cafeteria trays to slide down that little hill. 

This is Shoko! He is the protector of Adelphi Street.

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  1. omg so cool dude! snow in the city! those pancakes look so awesome dude!