Friday, May 6, 2011


There is a church atop Monserate, the mountain that towers over Bogotá. We decided to make a pilgrimage up on Easter Sunday (along with every single resident in the city) .  Even though it was crowded, it was worth the trip because the views and gardens were amazing. At least all the rain they've been getting this year is good for something. If you're at all interested in horticulture or if you just like the color green, go to Colombia right now. Seriously.  

This mountain is crazy beautiful. I'm not easily impressed because I'm from California and the landscape is hard to beat, but I really love this mountain. I consider it a good friend now. We just met but I think she's amazing and I look forward to seeing her again. 

Bogotá is at a really high altitude. Even if you walk up 20 steps, you feel out of shape because the air is so thin.

Texture like cake. Tastes like cheese bread. 

...and then it started raining REALLY hard. It rained so hard my brand new umbrella started leaking through the seams and through the solid pieces of fabric. I didn't even know that was possible.  I got soaked, and the next day I came down with the flu. Lame...

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