Sunday, April 18, 2010


I loved that Taiwan had so many fruits that we don't have access to here. Everywhere you looked, you could buy guavas, papayas, mangos, and other things that I don't know the names of. Your Californian's are lucky. At least you have a decent variety. The winters in NY are sad.
Giant bittermelons.

These are my 2nd favorite fruits of all time. (grapefruits are the first) They're called wax apples. They taste nothing like apples. They have a consistency similar to that of a watermelon. They're super light, crispy, and juicy. I ate about 4 of these every day of my trip.

Anyone know what these things are called?


  1. Those are Cherimoyas. I'm told you can find them in Mexican groceries as well, at least in California.

  2. They call them Custard Apples in Australia and New Zealand. Taste nothing like apples or custard!