Friday, May 6, 2011

Puerto Nariño & the Amazon Part 1.

We were in Colombia for 13 days, which was plenty of time to squeeze in a trip to the rainforest. After a short plane ride from Bogotá to Leticia, we scurried to the dingy port where a sketchy looking lady sold us seats on a sketchy looking motor boat.  We sped along the Amazon River for hours, got off at a small port, got on an even smaller boat, and eventually wound up at the Cabañas del Friar where we were greeted by a couple nice people and a smorgasbord of really hilarious animals. 

This was our cabana! 

For the record, mosquito nets REALLY work. I am extremely susceptible to bug bites and during the day I got over 20 of them even though I was armed with 4 kinds of bug spray. At night, the net saved me.

Eating an orange slice that he stole. 

These animals had no concept of the natural hierarchy of beasts. But one thing was evident: primates always win...even if they're tiny. 

I Told you there was a monkey riding a cat...

We visited an "indigenous community" which was actually a few normal people that put on costumes from time to time. They taught us some words, put feather headpieces on us, and had us chant and dance with them. I suspect they usually entertain larger groups of visitors, but that day it was just the three of us.  They were super sweet and genuinely glad to have visitors.

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