Friday, May 6, 2011

Puerto Nariño & the Amazon Part 2.

When we weren't socializing with forest animals, we would walk to nearest pueblo, Puerto Narino. It's an ecological community of about 6,000 indigenous people and zero motor vehicles. The epic rains caused heavy flooding so the young people spent every afternoon playing water basketball and sloshing around in the muddy waters. 

All the sidewalks were flooded so they set up an extensive zigzag of planks along the water front.

We were only 3 of maybe 10 tourists in Puerto Narino so it was surprisingly hard to find restaurants  that would feed us. Every time we walked into what appeared to be a food establishment, someone would say that the cook went home, or we came too late, or they weren't really open. Fortunately, we found a fellow named Alfredo who had a river-front restaurant, and since we were his only customers, we deemed him our personal chef. Everyday we would stop by, tell him what time we wanted to eat, and we'd come back a couple hours later to elaborate home made meals with endless fresh lemonade. All for about $3.50!

This kid was guarding the entrance of a bridge with this dead snake. He kept flinging it at us to freak us out.  Apparently I'm not as brave as I was when I was 6. 

Even the national park was flooded so we took a tiny boat tour instead. 

Hours and hours and hours spent on the river, which for me was the best part. I could have just cruised the river for days. 

Headed back to the real world. Until next time...Singapore? Denmark? Foggy fisherman town in Newfoundland? 

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